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"Food Tailors create unique Belgian food plans with a personal touch"

Brussels, November 25, 2019 – A fully new food concept has been launched in Belgium: Seriously Food. Culinary lovers visiting Belgium will no longer need to waste time searching for the best restaurants, the most exciting culinary experiences or the trendiest bars… The Seriously Food Tailors develop unique food plans with a personal touch! 


How it all started?

"What are you cooking tonight?", "I discovered a fantastic restaurant last weekend", our daily conversations during lunch breaks are always about food. So we quickly came to a conclusion: we have to do something with this passion. Charlotte is constantly looking for new hotspots in her hometown, Leuven, but also in trendy cities such as Antwerp or Ghent. Margaux' list of "Brussels Restaurants I still have to test" continues to grow. Trying out new addresses or new food concepts has become her favorite hobby. In her busy PR life, Ann has already worked with many Belgian chefs and is always looking for authentic culinary experiences.


The Seriously Food concept?

Charlotte explains: "When we travel, we don't follow road maps, we follow our love for food. We are constantly looking for the next best thing.". Margaux complements: "Indeed, but we also noticed that it requires a lot of preparation and time and that it is not easy to avoid tourist traps". Ann laughs and adds : "From now on, you can ask Seriously Food to help you discover our beautiful country.  As Food Tailors, we’ll share our culinary secrets with you, fully tailored at your wishes!"


The price of the Seriously Food service starts at €150 ($165) but depends entirely on the personal desires of our customers.

Included in the the price?
- A completely personalized food plan for 1 day
- Reservations in the suggested restaurants
- Tips and tricks concerning the unmissable spots, the events, the festivals...  
- A personal Food Tailor: we are at your disposal to help you during your stay.

For more information:

Laure Holemans was the first one to try our (delicious) service. She enjoyed a lovely week-end in Bruges with her mother: "I heard a lot of good things about Bruges but I had never been there before. As soon as I heard about Seriously Food, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to organize a getaway weekend with my mom. After a short but pleasant first call with Charlotte from the Seriously Food team to find out where we were going to stay,  the purpose of our weekend, what we like to eat and what we really don't,... After 3 days, I received our personalized plan. It was very straight forward and made us want to leave right away. Her mother ads: "What I really liked was the booking process for some restaurants. As soon as we arrived in Bruges, we immediately noticed how popular the restaurants were and how comfortable it was to have your reserved table in a great restaurant."




About Seriously Food

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